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Cushy Stock is a photostock workflow automation program. This application allows you to simplify
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Alex Bakulin
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6 December 2007

Editor's review

Internet has come up in a major way to facilitate business and online trading nowadays with all major companies aiming for having their own forum and web pages to enhance their business prospects and make their presence felt amongst the online dwellers. In order to create their striking websites and product and services catalogs, they require stunning images to enhance their website value and induce traffic which they extract through various photo stock sources like and wherein thousands of photos are published by professionals and enables effectual trading of images by photographers at a price, which are further sold by these web pages to website makers. An application like Cushy Stock 1.5 enables the photographers to make this process immensely simple and swift and sell their images more efficaciously.

Cushy Stock opens with a light hued interface with the main options placed at the top pane and sorts out the photos categorically. The application allows easy working and trading with the photo stocks and enhances the prospects of your images to be featured on these image websites. The exclusive feature list of the software entails the tool of image cataloging, associating effective keywords with catalog entries with the feature of adding new keywords, displaying all images grouped under a category and also garners financial information from microstocks, viewing thumbnails from your computer system, and deleting or editing the assigned keywords. The user also has the option to view the modes full screen and the application can be further installed on portable device like a USB flash drive or hard drive making it immensely flexible.

The aforementioned features and benefits of Cushy Stock 1.5 make it an absolute necessity for the photographers and will certainly boost the selling process and hence it gets a rating score of four points for its innovative functionalities.

Publisher's description

Cushy Stock is a photostock workflow automation program. This application allows you to simplify working with photostocks. It automates all stages of photographic preparations, stores stock information, gets financial info from microstocks, etc. Easy steps to sell photos!
Here is the full software features list:
* images cataloging
* associating keywords with catalog categories
* ability to create catalog categories and add new keywords
* viewing images from every catalog category
* displaying all images available at the specified photostock (images are grouped by status)
* financial info from microstocks
* searching for photos by keywords
* viewing thumbnails of all images on your computer
* ability to set and update status for every image and every stock
* ability to set an image title, copyright and description
* adding, deleting and editing image keywords
* adding keywords from categories an image is assigned to
* synchronization of keywords for different images
* ability to view EXIF and IPTC image tags
* displaying information on every photostock
* showing images grouped by status
* file operations (copy, move, delete, rename)
* working with Model release
* automated image upload to photostocks via FTP protocol
* automated tracking of image history after it's been renamed or moved to another location
* vector EPS format support
* RAW format support
* full screen viewing mode
* ability to install the application on portable devices, e.g. USB Flash Drive or USB hard drive
* EPS to JPEG conversion
* ZIP archive support
* Deleting EXIF data from an image
* and much more...
Cushy Stock
Cushy Stock
Version 1.5
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User comments

horrible crap. Tried a couple of weeks then deleted. More troubles of benefits. Lots of bugs. Inappropriate behavior. Absence of necessary filters. Hard to list all. At the end, when you waste not only money but also a bunch of time, you want to crush your keybord on the head of this outstanding programmer.
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